Melaka Homestays @ iBilik

*Honk Honk Hooonk* Ever thought of visiting Melaka with a whole bunch of friends or families? And then you may want to consider a place with more privacy, where you guys can have more fun and bigger space to mingle around?

If it’s a YES, Melaka homestays @ iBilik will be the perfect place to find a house to stay-in. The price range goes accordingly with the location of the house, it’s facilities etc. It’d be good to have a “house” of your own after a long tiring day of walking and snapping pictures.

One thing I like about this iBilik page is that they have this “Cheapest Rental” tab at the top right hand corner, next to “Most Bookings”, where you can actually click and see the houses with the cheapest rental in the particular place of interest. 

After choosing the house you want to stay in, you can actually check the dates available for stay, and book the house right away! This iBilik website seems to be a very convenient tool to me, as all the information provided at the site is sufficient, plus pictures are available for you to make a wise decision on its comfy-ness, which makes the whole booking process just a few clicks away. Save the hassle from calling and confirming. And in the end you may regret as the place you book may not meet your expectations.

Another plus point would be the map provided where you can get the directions from your location to the destination right away, and see whether the place that you are available to rent has convenient access to the town centre or not.

I’ve state my views on this website, so what do you think about it? Is the website as user-friendly as I’ve mentioned? Or is it just like any other sites?

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